Day 3: Namche Bazaar to Dole

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What a gorgeous day! The sky was totally clear from the moment we woke up. I was actually awake by 2:30am. I think the altitude affected my sleep quite a bit because I often woke up early in the morning on this trip. Of course, it may also have to do with the fact that we went to bed around 7:30 at night.

Despite the chilly temperature, we decided to have our breakfast on the patio and watched the sunrise over enormous mountain peaks. It was beautiful. After breakfast, we packed up our belongings and sadly bid Nirvana goodbye. We headed up the same path we took yesterday towards the monastery. With a big pack on our backs, the climb was much tougher. Even Tricia said that she was feeling the altitude immediately. From the monastery, it was a fairly flat trail for a mile or so to Sanasa.

Sanasa was a small town where the road forks. The path to the right leads you to Tengboche and towards EBC whereas the path to the left leads you up a steep hill towards Mong la, Dole and eventually Gokyo lakes. From Sanasa to Mong la was a steady climb of a mile. Tricia started feeling some GI problems as soon as we passed Sanasa. She got pale and had to sit down several times to regain her strength. It was a worrisome moment. We thought we may need to spend the night at Mong la if we ever got there.

We eventually made it to the hilltop of Mong la and it was lunch time. Mong la, standing on a hilltop at the confluence point of two large canyons, had a breathtaking panoramic view. Tricia had her much needed break (and a bathroom, which she reported to be a hole on the ground with two planks for steps) and began to feel better. We didn’t want to waste the rest of the day so we decided to head down to Phortse Tanga which was located at the bottom of the hill. It only took us 15 minutes to descend the hill to Phortse Tanga so we kept going.

day 3-19
Little village of Phortse Thanga: one lodge and one shop.

We got to Dole around 2:30pm. Dole was a tiny village but much bigger than I had imagined. We noticed a lodge on a hilltop which seemed to most likely to provide us with a good view so we went straight for it. It was aptly named Mountain View Lodge. I know Tricia was ready for a restful night after the struggle during the day. 

How did we do the next day? Were we able to get to Machermo as planned? Keep on following us on our journey on Day 4!

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  1. Beautiful pictures missing our old days in nepal. really such a amazing pictures. have a save and great journey keep updating. stay in touch

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