I LOVE food!

Coming soon…

I plan to create three sections under this tab:

  1. Cheap good eats in and around Seattle: Tricia and I both love cheap eats when we go out. I wouldn’t call ourselves anti-fancy food but we are kind of anti-fancy food. It makes me a little angry to be served tiny bitsy food on a plate (unless there are ten other plates coming out at the same time like at a Dim Sum or a tapas restaurant), and it makes Tricia angry to see the bill at the end of a fancy meal. So you are probably not going to see me post any fancy stuff here. My food will be tasty, large and probably a bit messy.
  2. Food we cook w/recipes: Tricia and I believe that we cook good food at home. We generally prefer healthier food. My cooking is strongly influenced by my Sichuanese background and my childhood eats around Chengdu in China. Tricia’s cooking is strongly influenced by a lifelong fear of calorie over-consumption. It’s a fun fusion. We don’t really follow recipes when we cook so it will be a challenge to write them down. I will do my best.
  3. Food elsewhere: Enjoying food from various cultures is probably one of the greatest lures for me to travel internationally. I have a healthy dose of fear when it comes to certain countries’ sanitation standards. But I am often enticed by the novel appearance and fragrant smell of food while traveling. Against my better judgement I rarely refrain from eating food that looks interesting. Tricia, somehow, has an iron stomach when it comes to strange and occasionally sketchy food. I hope this section will be picture heavy. Enjoy.

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Nov 12, 2017


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