Kathmandu – Part 1/2

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Kathmandu is a city rich in history and diverse in culture. We were in Kathmandu for two half days and one full day before we flew out on a late night flight. It was not enough time to develop any kind of coherent perspective on the city but we were able to get intriguing glimpses into the city’s rich history and culture. Did you know that the royal family of Nepal was massacred Romanov style in 2001? There are still many conspiracy theories related to the event and it arguably launched the country into “democracy” after centuries of monarchy.

I had no idea this happened. Tricia and I took a guided tour around the city. I learned a lot but not enough to give much guidance of my own. I will present these two posts with my lens rather than many words.

We arrived to Kathmandu on the day of Dashain Festival, which we did not plan for. It’s a huge holiday. Several Nepali people told us that the holiday is Nepal’s Christmas. It was noisy and dusty, but it wasn’t quite as chaotic as I had expected. We learned later that the city was missing almost 2 million of its residents who had left the city to visit their families. When we learned that the city would be significantly busier after the holiday, we were not looking forward to coming back to Kathmandu after our trek.

Coming up: Tricia and I went on a guided tour around Kathmandu on our last day in Nepal.

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  1. Yes Kathmandu can be quite busy but I think if you stay in Thamel you get protected from the traffic aspect a bit. It is such a fascinating place.

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    1. Arriving to Kathmandu on the day of Dashain was kind of surreal. You can tell that the city has evidence of hosting far larger amount of population, but the kind of congestion you are expecting is not there. It felt almost empty. Of course, that changed when we returned to Kathmandu two weeks later after our trek. It felt more normal the second time. It is indeed a fascinating place.

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