A Snowy Wonderland Up Mt Dickerman

Among the jagged peaks of North Cascades in Washington State, the northwest corner of United States, there is one hike that has consistently ranked in the top three for us. It is called Mt. Dickerman. This hike is only accessible three seasons a year because the access road, Mountain Loop Highway, closes in the winter. But when Mountain Loop Highway opens in the early spring, this hike is totally irresistible. The mountains are still snow covered and the views are incredible.


From the top of Mt Dickerman, you have a panoramic view of all the peaks of North Cascades ranges plus Mt Rainier, Mt Baker and Glacier Peak. It is spectacular.


In order to get to the summit, however, you need to put in some work. It’s 4 miles up and near 4000 feet elevation gain. It is not a hike for weak legs.


Once you get above the treeline, your reward is bountiful. Since you are climbing from the south face of the mountain, your view will be southward until you reach the top.


There are two peaks on the top of Mt. Dickerman. We like the east peak better, as you have a 360 degree view.


It gets cold very quickly once you sit down, so make sure you bring layers if you plan to linger on the summit.

When the snow is soft and the trail is slippery, it’s not always easy to come down, but you always have the option to glissade. Mt. Dickerman has probably the best snow conditions to demonstrate your glissading prowess.


It’s tough to not be distracted by the breathtaking view in front of you
A ray of sunlight penetrating a dense forest to shine on these icicles.

What do you think? Do my pictures make you want to take a trip out to Washington state? You can see more of our outdoor adventures here.

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  1. I love these photos, I wish I was in Washington State right now. It has all the things I love, Rain, Snow and amazing Asian foods. Thank you for sharing

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    1. Sounds like it’s time for visit to Washington State! Welcome to my blog.

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