My Favorite Tacos in Seattle: Rancho Bravo!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am dedicating my first local food post to Rancho Bravo, the place that I go for food (outside of my own kitchen) more than any other place in Seattle. Rancho Bravo is a Seattle original, humble little food truck (turned brick and mortar) that has established itself with its cheap and excellent quality food, as well as its easily-accessible locations. I know, I know, some of you Seattleites are already smiling, perhaps even shaking your heads. But let me talk a little about Rancho Bravo that I know and love.



*above pics found on the inter-web

The location that I frequently visit is in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It is housed in an old KFC– to which the owners have made few, if any, renovations– just south of Cal Anderson Park. Here are four reasons that Rancho Bravo ranks top on my cheap, good places to eat in Seattle.

  1. I LOVE their tacos. I almost always get a set of four tacos there: one mole chicken, one spicy pork, one carnitas, one shredded beef (occasionally lengua instead). With that said, I have been getting a set of three lately (ahh, I’m getting old).
  2. It’s so convenient. It’s located just a few minutes from me and it has parking!
  3. It serves food to real people. If you eat in, you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by a range of Seattle characters: students with school bags, professors in their tweed jackets, businessmen in suits, soccer and ultimate frisbee players coming off Cal Anderson field still wearing their cleats, construction workers, families with kids, the occasional homeless person (and me in my sweats shamelessly) looking for a bite to eat. It’s a great spot for people watching. You probably won’t find a travel guide book to get you here. People you see here are real Seattleites.
  4. It’s super low key. I almost always go to Rancho Bravo in my pajamas. What can I say, it’s comfy eating tacos while wearing pajamas.
waiting for my number to get called

Are these enough reason for you to be curious? Tricia says that the mole chicken taco is “perfect food”- a classification that she uses very sparingly. There you go. The complete picture presented. Here’s an actual picture of some RB tacos.

I douse my tacos with green and/or red sauce.. with additional little cups of sauce to supplement in case I need more.. oh yes, I always use more.

Sincerely yours,


Where: 4 locations in/near Seattle

  1. 1001 E Pine St (Capitol Hill)
  2. 211 NE 45th St (Fremont)
  3. 4241 University Way NE (U district)
  4. I just saw a RB in Federal Way… it’s expanding!

Price range: $-$$

What kind food: Mexican taco truck kind of deliciousness!

Disclosure: I have zero business relations with Rancho Bravo. I wish I do though.


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