One Week in Iceland – Three Tours

The highlight of our trip in Iceland was the three guided tours we took, despite my initial resistance to joining tour groups. I enjoy a childish giggly happiness when I “discover” a cool destination in my travels. Even though I know deep down that I didn’t “discovered” anything, it’s still preferable to being led by…

The Golden Circle and Southwest Iceland

The Golden Circle is perhaps the most touristy part of Iceland. Three loops of highway– connecting a ton of highlightable sites in a region that is within a couple hours from Reykjavik by car– make up the backbone of the Gold Circle. When so many stunning geological features get compacted in a small region, it…

Alaska – Kenai Fjords Cruise

During our week in Alaska, we had one rainy day, which we spent on a boat cruising in Kenai Fjords National Park. The tickets were $179/person, which included a chicken wrap for lunch and a buffet dinner on Fox Island. The boat got us close to where the glaciers meet water. Despite rain and katabatic…

Alaska – Denali National Park Part 3

On our third day in Denali National Park, we dipped out toes in the realm of trail-less hiking, starting by taking off our shoes crossing a fridget Savage River, and then climbed…

Alaska – Denali National Park Part 2

During our second day, we took a bus into the belly of Denali National Park. We took two hikes around Eielson stop and encountered many animals throughout the day.

Alaska – Denali National Park Part 1

Unlike other national parks that I have visited, Denali has very few hiking trails… In this post, my friends and I headed up Mt Healy near the entrance of the park.

Alaska- Anchorage to Seward

After eight years living in the PNW, I finally found my way up to Alaska, and I loved it! Here’s my first post on our adventure in Alaska.

Goldmyer Hot Springs

Some friends and I took a random Thursday off to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and soaked ourselves in a hot bath deep in the woods of Washington State.