Alaska – Kenai Fjords Cruise

During our week in Alaska, we had one rainy day, which we spent on a boat cruising in Kenai Fjords National Park. The tickets were $179/person, which included a chicken wrap for lunch and a buffet dinner on Fox Island. The boat got us close to where the glaciers meet water. Despite rain and katabatic…

Alaska – Denali National Park Part 3

On our third day in Denali National Park, we dipped out toes in the realm of trail-less hiking, starting by taking off our shoes crossing a fridget Savage River, and then climbed…

Alaska – Denali National Park Part 2

During our second day, we took a bus into the belly of Denali National Park. We took two hikes around Eielson stop and encountered many animals throughout the day.

Alaska – Denali National Park Part 1

Unlike other national parks that I have visited, Denali has very few hiking trails… In this post, my friends and I headed up Mt Healy near the entrance of the park.

Alaska- Anchorage to Seward

After eight years living in the PNW, I finally found my way up to Alaska, and I loved it! Here’s my first post on our adventure in Alaska.

Goldmyer Hot Springs

Some friends and I took a random Thursday off to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and soaked ourselves in a hot bath deep in the woods of Washington State.

Mt Pugh

Summiting one of the more difficult day hikes in North Cascades, we were rewarded at Mt Pugh’s peak with 360 view of all the major mountains in the PNW: Mt Baker, Shuksan, White Chuck, North Cascades, Glacier, Sloan Peak, and Rainier.