Kauai, Na Pali Coast - Hiking the rugged coastlines of Jurassic, North America

Hiking Na Pali Coast: exploring the valley and 11 miles outbound

Our friends from Vancouver decided to hike out today even though they had permits to stay another night. They figured that the hike in- split into two days- was tough enough that they wanted a cushion day just in case the weather turns on them. We debated on that plan and decided...

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Mt. Baker: a Quiet Volcanic Beast to the North

When I decided to move to Seattle seven years ago, many friends talked admiringly about the beautiful geography around here: Puget Sound and Olympic National Park to the west, Lake Washington and North Cascades to the east, Mt. Rainier to the south, Vancouver to the north. But where is Mt Baker?

North America, North Cascades, Pacific Northwest Outdoors

A Snowy Wonderland Up Mt Dickerman

Among the jagged peaks of North Cascades in Washington State, the northwest corner of United States, there is one hike that has consistently ranked in the top three for us. It is called Mt. Dickerman. This hike is only accessible three seasons a year because the access road, Mountain Loop Highway, closes in the winter.… Continue reading A Snowy Wonderland Up Mt Dickerman

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Land of Witches, Gnomes and Satyrs: The Enchantments

In the heart of North Cascades Ranges, there is a place that is enchanted by witches and gnomes in mossy forests, jagged granite boulders, glacial melt tarns, stunted larches, and curious mountain goats. This place is aptly named the Enchantments.

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High Divide Loop- the Heart of Olympic National Park

High Divide Loop is an 18 mile hike in the heart of Olympic National Park. It goes through a variety of terrains and you get to experience several ecosystems going through this hike. Come join our adventure!