The Philippines – A Photo Album

My buddy Francis and I took a trip to the Philippines in 2013. This thousand island country was stunning. Since I took the trip a few years back, I am not writing the narrative. I hope you enjoy the photos I post.

Part 5: Varanasi

Varanasi is easily among the top three most incredible places I’ve been to in my years of travel. I have never heard or seen another place like it. And there may not be another place like it on earth.

Part 4: Jodhpur and Udaipur

Our journey in India lead us to Udaipur and Jodhpur, two of the most impressive cities of northern India. Jaswant Thada, a Jain temple in Jodhpur, was easily my favorite spot in India.

South Vietnam – a Food Photo Journal

There was a time when I took a boat from Phnom Penh and traveled down Mekong River to Ho Chi Minh city where I gorged myself with food for three days and took pictures of them. Enjoy!

India – Part 3: Fatehpur & Jaipur

Fatehpur is a small town outside of Agra. It’s known for a grand mosque in the center of the town. In the middle of the square of this mosque is the Salim Chishti Tomb, a beautiful marble edifice. Jaipur is larger city with a beautiful lake as the city center. Castles and defensive walls were raised on top of the mountains surrounding the lake and the city.

India – Part 2: Ajmer & Pushkar

Moving on from Taj Mahal, my travel buddy and I found ourselves in Ajmer where a popular Sufi shrine is located and Pushkar which is known for its public bathing ghats.

Kathmandu – Part 2/2

Since we had limited time in this sprawling city, we decided the best way to learn its stories was to take a guided tour. It was definitely the right decision. We toured around the city with a local university economics professor all day.

Kathmandu – Part 1/2

Did you know that the royal family of Nepal was massacred Romanov style in 2001? There are still many conspiracy theories related to the event and it arguably launched the country into “democracy” after centuries of monarchy.