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Hiking Cordillera Huayhuash Part 2.4: Day 6 and 7

This day was different from all other days on this trek. Instead of climbing after breaking camp, we started this day by going downhill. We trekked almost 9 miles and lost 3,500 feet in altitude from Cuyoc camp to a small village called Huayllapa.

Peru, South America, world travel

Hiking Huayhuash- Part 2.2: day 2 and 3

I woke up to sunlight shining on our tent. I patted around my pillow for my cell phone to check the time. It was 7 am. I could hear people moving around the campsite: tent zipping and unzipping, sleeping bag rustling...

Chengdu - Now and Then

Chapter 4: The Final Dash and A Single Wooden Bridge

In the fall of 1995, I entered sixth grade, the final year of elementary school. The atmosphere in our classroom was noticeably different from what it had been in the previous five years. Everyone was feeling the squeeze of the upcoming Middle School Entrance Exam...