Ancient Lakes

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Tricia and I found an interesting hike in eastern Washington this week…

Chapter 2: A Changing Chengdu

Three rapid knocks on the door jolt me awake from a semi-conscious state. “Chi tsu’ung lo…. Tai yang tzao pi’i gu’u lo’o!! (Get up… the sun is shining on your butt already)” my Erba’s voice announced loudly from…

Chapter 1: Hello Chengdu!

I don’t recognize much of this city anymore- its streets, its skyline, and its people have all transformed while I was away. But I recognize this feeling in me and the accent, a distinctive type of flat-toned sichuanese dialect with a laid-back speech pattern and drawn out vowels that are uniquely Chengduren….

Day 3: A long day from italiano to Chileno

Day 3 was our longest trekking day on this trip. We planned to hike 22 km carrying our big packs from camp Italiano to camp Chileno over 7 hours. We had the option to…

Food We Had in Kauai Ranked

I obviously wasn’t gonna miss a golden opportunity of food adventure on this island. Here are the food we had in Kauai ranked.