Personal Finances

Interested in achieving financial independence? Try to learn how our financial system can work for you? Follow me!

I started out with a post on how much money you need to retire, but I think that’s just a starter when it comes to retirement considerations. The real first step towards financial independence is be financially responsible. It means setting a plan for your future, being frugal in lifestyle, investing your money sensibly and living a life of happiness without extravagancy.I am a strong advocate for DIY financial management. There is a lot to learn on this subject and I am learning them, too! I hope my blog provide you with some basic concepts of managing your wealth.

– My Alpine Lakes

Personal Finances:


Chapter 1: Why is it important to manage your own finances?

How much do you need to retire?
Why is important to start investing early in life
– Why aren’t people able to retire? A short history on US personal financial management
How much are you actually paying your financial advisors?
5 more reasons to learn to manage your own finances

Chapter 2: What are retirement accounts?
What is a traditional 401k vs roth 401k and traditional IRA vs Roth IRA
How much of your 401k money is actually yours?
Why should everyone contribute to their 401K’s
What is a taxable account and 2 reasons to invest in it
5 more reasons to use a taxable account

Chapter 3: What are some basic concepts in investing?
What is asset allocation
What is asset location
What makes a good portfolio
What are some good portfolio samples
Why do we need to rebalance our portfolios
How do you rebalance your portfolio

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