Just a tourist



I woke up early for the second time to take photos of sunrise over the famous Angkor Wat. Most people stand outside of Angkor Wat waiting for the sun to come up from behind the temple. Since I’d already done that on the day before, I decided to enter the temple and take pictures from inside.

Inside Angkor Wat was shockingly empty of tourists at that hour. In front of me were three young monks wearing bright orange garbs. It was only natural for a tourist like myself to assume that these monks lived in this grand temple built by Khmer King. I sort of sneakily followed them around the temple to see where they were going. To my surprise, they were doing the same touristy things that I was doing: took pictures of the architecture and art around the temple, talked on their cell phones, took selfies and even at one point asked me to take a group photo for them. They were just tourists like me.

Angkor Wat was built by the order of King Suryavarmam II who dedicate this temple to the Hindu god of Vishnu. The temple was later converted to worshiping of Buddhism evidence by the change of symbolisms in the status and art in the temple by a later king of Khmer Empire. Angkor Wat is the pride and a national treasure of Cambodia. No monks currently live in the temple anymore.


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