India – Part 1: Delhi & Agra

A photo collage from my trip to India in 2013. A colorful country viewed through my lens.

Taj Mahal reflected in a pool.. with a crowd
Kicked off my shoes and sat down on the pearly floor of Taj Mahal platform for a minute. Just soaking it in, my friend.
Sunset on a dome
Gate to heaven this way…
President’s palace in Delhi. No, I was not invited.
Qutb Minar with its intricate patterns carved into the tower
Safdarjang tomb in sunset


Arabic calligraphy on the entrance of Taj Mahal


“I am looking for an otolaryngologist, please?” “Sit!”
It took us some effort to find this gem. Unforgettably delicious food in ma belly!


Man and his betel nuts on a street corner. He probably doesn’t know that he is raising rate of oral cancer in India.


“Hello, Chinese? Take a picture of me!” “And me!”
Monkey performer squating on the roadside waiting for an audience.
“Biryani rice, my friend?”
A young girl is thoughtfully positioned for my photo which I sneakily captured from afar.
grand Humanyun tomb in Delhi.


Businessmen strolling through a busy produce market.


Beautiful Lodi garden in Dehli
Man carefully trimming a bouquet of flowers
A hawk and his moon
Entering Lodi garden

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