India – Part 3: Fatehpur & Jaipur

Tombs in the square of Jama Mosque
Inside the halls of Salim Chishti Tomb


colorful fabric covers the tomb of Salim Chishti
A cold night is on the horizon
Feeding catfish in the lake is a common practice to commemorate loved ones in Lake Jaipur


Woman and her… well, not sure what she was selling.. street food?
A western woman riding an elephant up to the entrance of the castle
I found myself in the middle of a celebration in the castle in Jaipur
A boy looking longing for some spare changes while performing a melancholic song using his instrument.




I LOVE the color the food this man is selling.
Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India. It is a perfect place for architecture appreciation and people watching.
Interesting decor in front of bronze gate


beautiful Saris
Women sorting our their shawls in front of the tomb of Salim Chishti
Looking over the walls of a fortress in Jaipur
A cute little child waved at me from distance and then decided to ignore me when I held up my camera. A goat climbed up to a high point in the background.
A local artist trying to sell me on his art.
A man pondering about life in front of the busy mosque


A man and his icecream pot
cool domes lined up on top of Jama mosque
A Sikh man guarding the palace in Jaipur
families gathered at the square in the middle of the castle in Jaipur
A security guard dutily watching the rowdy tourists


One of many monkeys jumping from roof to roof in the palace.
A woman deep in her thoughts in front of a window in Jaipur castle


Man paying respect in the Salim Chishti Tomb
A rotund security officer receiving reports from his fellow force members. He appeared to be giving directions to men around him.
Crowd is gathering as a puppet show is ready to kick off.
Boys holler at their friends below a balcony
Sunrise over a mountain range in Jaipur


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