My Outdoor Gear Recs 2019


Camera Holster Attachment System for Backpacks

I think this is probably one of my favorite purchases this year. I’ve always wanted to figure out a camera setup so I have quick access to my camera on the trail. I don’t like to carry my DSLR in the center of my chest as my sweat drops on the camera as I hike. I figured my left shoulder is the best place for the camera. This holster turned out to be perfect. I’ve had two problems with it. One, the holster slides down the strap by the camera weight as I hike. I solved this problem by tying a small knot at the top to a hook on my shoulder strap. The second problem was the mount hub attached to the camera bottom tend to loosen over time. I’ve put a small amount of glue to the screw. It worked well for my trip to New Zealand. I will keep you posted.

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

I bought this guy for the Peru trip. I figured that I need a reliable long last power source to recharge my phone which runs my GPS. This guy provided me with 8 nights of charges for my iphone 6 (all partial charges), and I finished the trip with two bars left. It’s advertised be able to charge iphone 7 seven times. It was awesome. It’s small enough to tuck it in the bottom of my backpack. I highly recommend this external charger for your backpacking trips.


Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

After 3 years with my previous Merrell hiking boots, I finally decided to replace it. And I looked no further than the new edition Moab 2 of the original boots. This time I didn’t go to a local Sports Authority (the one near us closed last winter). I bought this pair on faith. The boots showed up two days later. They are, again, awesome. The lining inside were thick and soft, cushioning my ankles as I hike on jagged rocks. The bottom felt hard without loss of some flexibility. I brought them to Huayhuash and New Zealand. The waterproof held up well in muddy conditions. I’d recommend these boots.

Humangear Capcap

A bit of a random rec here. I carry my nalgene bottle on many trips. Unfortunately I dropped the bottle one day and cracked the cap. So I bought this replacement cap with a small mouth opening. I wasn’t sure if it’d make much difference, but it ended up working so well that I am posting it here. It allowed me drink water in a moving vehicle without worrying about spilling all over my face. Give it a try if you use a nalgene and need a cap replacement.

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