Nepal Photos Collection 1

Day 1-4: From Lukla to Gokyo Lake:

Ama Dablam, our favorite mountain on this trek. It looks like a giant ghost coming to hug you.


Thamserku peak reveals itself as clouds part momentarily
climbing up to this view
first sighting of Everest and Lhotse
Looking back at Kongde Ri from a monastery in Namche
day 1-1
It’s hard to appreciate how dangerous this airport is when you are sitting on a small plane and deaf from the propeller noise. But from this standpoint, oh crap, was I on that flight? Am I gonna have to fly out on this plane, too?
Clouds moving in on Taboche peak. Ama Dablam peak stands tall and clear on the right side.
day 3-8
Mong la in front of Taboche Peak
Walking towards Sanasa
day 3-5
walk walk walk
day 3-23
Ama Dablam behind a stupa
day 4-2
Sunrise from Dole
day 4-18
Good Morning Mt. Thamserku. We will continue to have a good view of it all the way up to Gokyo
day 4-8
day 1-2
look back at the mountains in clouds
day 4-11
Hello friend!
day 1-10
a closer look
day 4-14
Oh boy, more climbing?
day 2-12
A closer look at the peak
looking down at colorful Namche Bazaar.
Looking down at Namche Bazaar
A rescue chopping flying by us near Mt Ama Dablam. You want to be able to get on that chopper only if necessary and hope that’s never the case.
day 4-25
We found Gokyo Lake

Day 5-7: Gokyo Ri to Pyramid:

day 5-0
A sneaky peek when the clouds scattered for a few seconds
day 5-1
Clouds moved in quickly. Mountains that were visible in moonlight are no longer visible at this point. You can still see a sliver of Gokyo Lake.
day 5-15
Gokyo lake is perfectly still like a mirror on the ground.
day 5-21
Cairns and flags at the top of Ri
day 5-11
Mt Thamserku breaking itself free from the clouds. The peaks are so jagged and beautiful.
day 5-4
A rescue mission at Gokyo
day 6-20
More tarns dotting the scree field left by receding Ngozumpa Glacier
day 5-9
There it is! The peaks are out and there is a lake!
day 5-8
Ah, clouds came back.
day 6-8
there were random turquoise tarns dotted randomly in the scree field left by receding Ngozumpa Glacier

day 6-19

day 5-7
then the mountains are gone
day 5-2
beautiful fall color
day 6-23
Good morning, Gokyo Lake!
day 5-13
Tricia busting out her sleeping bag on the high mountain while waiting for sunrise.
day 7-2
Moon falling behind a jagged peak

day 7-10day 6-24

day 5-19
You can almost see the peaks

day 7-8

day 5-3
frosted plants on the way up Gokyo Ri
day 5-6
Himalayan snow cocks are ready to hang out with us, too.
day 7-6
Fall colors!
day 5-5
Our condor friend is back
day 7-3
Bye bye, moon. See you tonight.
day 7-8
to Everest!
day 7-4
First ray of sunlight shining on the very tip of Taboche

day 7-21

day 7-5
Sunshine on the east face of Taboche
day 7-7
Looking back at Ama Dablam

day 7-11

day 7-1
Cold Mountains around us

day 7-12

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