day 5: Up the Ri

Going up Gokyo Ri once is obviously not satisfying enough once you turn on the beast mode…

Day 4: Dole to Gokyo Lake

The two days following our resting day in Namche Bazaar, we climbed almost 15 miles and gained over 7,000 ft in elevation. In Day 4, we pushed ourselves further going from Dole to Gokyo in one day.

Day 2- Namche and Acclimatization Day

We planned a resting day in Namche to help with our acclimatization. I have read the rule of ascending no more than 1000 feet a day in order to acclimatize. While I appreciate the cautious nature of this recommendation, I also imagine whoever wrote this rule must got really bored climbing mountains.

Day 1- to Lukla, to Namche

First day of our trek in Nepal: flight to Lukla, one of the most dangerous airports in the world. It’s built on a hillside surrounded by foggy mountains.