Cambodia – A Photo Journal

Cambodia is known for its gorgeous natural beauty as well as its rich culture. It’s also known for its unimaginable tragedy of Khmer Rouge Genocide. I had the fortune to visit Cambodia in the spring of 2015. Here’s a collage of my photos and their short descriptions from that trip.

Outdoor Gear I Love (2018)

Outdoor equipment can be expensive so it’s important to get the right stuff. We don’t love everything we own but a few pieces of our gear really shine. 

Kathmandu – Part 2/2

Since we had limited time in this sprawling city, we decided the best way to learn its stories was to take a guided tour. It was definitely the right decision. We toured around the city with a local university economics professor all day.

Food in Kathmandu

When Tricia and I travel anywhere, the first thing we look for is good food. We don’t look for fancy restaurants. It’s just not our thing. We look for food with big flavors and large portions. I love sampling local food of various cultures. So when we realized that we have two and half days in Kathmandu on our trip to Nepal, we did our research.

My One Week Chill Travel in Switzerland

I went on this trip with my parents. So you know this is a very chill trip. We spent a lot of time soaking up the beauty of Swiss cities and mountains without lengthy strenuous hikes that my wife and I would surely have done. We took full advantage of the great transportation system in…